Humm Finance, how does it work?

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Ride now, Pay later thanks to the power of HUMM

With the idea of being able to own what you’re after now and pay for it later, financing has become a commonplace term when dealing with expensive items both online and in person. We’re fortunate enough at Macarthur E-Bikes to have welcomed on board HUMM finance. You can now own the E-Bike/E-Scooter of your dreams, and pay for it at a reasonable rate, but how does it all work?

HUMM in a nutshell.

Like many other “buy now, pay later” services HUMM allows customers to divide the cost of their purchases into small more manageable chunks, or as they call it “slices” Which in turn, is paid back interest-free. 

HUMM also provides the option of flexibility when it comes to your repayments. As a customer you can ser the day you make the repayments, making it easier to align with other bills or to offset for better cash flow.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for HUMM is quite simple, you can do it externally from the HUMM website, or through Macarthur E-Bikes when you check out selecting the HUMM payment option. There are a few overarching requirements though:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must be a permanent resident of Australia
  • You must have a permanent job (at least 25 hours a week) or on an aged/veteran’s pension
  • You must not be insolvent

Once you’ve met the above requirements HUMM will ask you for 100 points of id, that is: Drivers Licence, Passport or Medicare number (you will need 2/3)

All signed up! so what are the details?

As soon as you’ve signed up and gotten approval, you’ll have access to a ‘Little Things’ wallet. Your initial spending limit or cap in that wallet depends on the background info you’ve shared with HUMM during the sign-up process, so it will vary from customer to customer. 

As you continue to make repayments you will earn the ability to apply for more credit, or if you can’t afford to wait, you could also apply for a ‘boost’ in your spending limit by providing HUMM with further information, such as your bank statements. 

With ‘Little Things’, you can buy as many items as you would like – as long as you stay within your spending limit. purchasing items will eat up your available spend and display what more you can purchase with that limit.

Although we do not offer the ‘Big Things’ option, if you are interested in making large purchases, you’ll need to apply and get approved before you shop with HUMM. This involves sharing details of your income with HUMM, including bank statements. You could get up to $10,000 pre-approved or up to $30,000 approved if you apply in-store. 

And that’s how HUMM works! Feel free to keep an eye out for the HUMM logo around the website. Anything you see with this orange bird and repayment value next to it you can purchase through HUMM finance.

If there are questions we didn’t answer, check out the HUMM official web page below: https://www.shophumm.com.au/help

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