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The Bolzzen Electric Scooter range allows riders to cruise around effortlessly in style and comfort. Whether its a weekend ride for leisure or commuting to and from work, these electric scooters will not disappoint. With up to 50km range and 500w of power, Bolzzen Electic Scooters can take on any daily challenge.

View the full range of Bolzzen Electric Scooters below, ranging from the Atom Lite, an ultimate commuting companion, only weighing 12.9kg, packing a 350w motor and with the One-Step folding system, this e-scooter makes your commute a breeze.

The Bolzzen Atom Pro, perfect for the enthusiast wanting that little bit more. Boasting 500w and a 13ah Lithium battery gives the rider more grunt. Firm independent rear suspension makes the ride over uneven terrain stable and smooth.

The Bolzzen Fuze Pro is the grand tourer of the bunch, with a super comfy ride thanks to the 10in wheels and pneumatic tires, front and rear disc brakes, 500w, 13ah Lithium battery, and wider deck, makes the Fuze Pro a one of a kind. With this setup, the Bolzzen Fuze Pro is ready to tackle even the longest of journeys in comfort style and speed.

The Bolzzen Magneto is a value-packed beast that is built for performance, reliability and long-range. Boasting a powerful 52V 600W motor and 52V 18.2Ah Lithium battery, the Magneto won’t let you down on those steeper hills or longer rides. With dual front and rear suspension, front disc and drum/electric rear brakes and solid honeycomb tyres, there simply isn’t another E-scooter in Australia that offers so much for such a great price!

Last but certainly not least is the Ballista Bolzzen Dynamo! This animal is not for the faint-hearted or the inexperienced rider, with dual 1000W motors, it produces neck-snapping all-wheel-drive performance! The 18.2Ah Lithium battery will give you great range especially if you choose to drop to one motor and also the eco mode. The Dynamo has serious dual suspension with high ground clearance, so jumping off gutters etc is a breeze. Front and rear disc brakes take care of the stopping power, which you’ll be thankful for once you experience the power.

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Please note that although we believe that good progress is being made with the legality of E-Scooters in Australia, there are different laws in each state and territory and prior knowledge of this is advised before using in public area’s.

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