Real Talk; Are eScooters or Electric Scooters Legal?

Real Talk; Are eScooters or Electric Scooters Legal?

This is a question that comes up quite often with customers all over the country. The answer depends on the state or territory you live in. As each area has their own laws and regulations, it’s important to know when, where and what is okay by law.

Are eScooters Legal In New South Wales?

At the time of writing this post, the use of Electric Scooters, or eScooters on NSW public roads hasn’t been deemed legal. There are developing studies, testings and movements on this all the time. However, the clean-cut answer is no, in New South Wales, riding an Electric Scooter, or eScooter on Public Roads is not legal.

Given the behaviour and treatment of eScooters in other states and territories, such as South Australia where the Police are actually using them as vehicles, and Tasmania which is set to legalise eScooters in the Summer of 2021 – there’s a lot of hope that NSW will join the bandwagon and legalise the use of private eScooters.

Are eScooters Legal In Queensland?

To save this post being over 10,000 words, we’re going to keep it short and sweet – so please have a look at your own localities laws and regulations deeply to fully understand the restrictions you have. But, yes. Riding an eScooter in QLD is legal.

Just like bicycle riders, you may ride alongside one other person or vehicle travelling on a road in the same direction. However, you must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a driver or unreasonably obstruct the path of any other road user

Source: Queensland Government

Are eScooters Legal In Victoria?

There are some conditions that the Victorian Government have placed on them – but yes, riding eScooters in Victoria is legal. In fact, according to a study completed in 2019 by the RACV, almost 80% of Victorians would consider using an eScooter, and almost 60% said they would use an eScooter instead of a car!

Like other states that have legalised the use of eScooters, Victoria has some conditions like:

  • Current top-speed of 10km/hr
  • You must wear an Australia Standards approved helmet
  • You must obey other road rules, like keeping left etc.

Are eScooters Legal In South Australia?

At the time of writing this post, South Australia is running through a bunch of trials and testings for eScooter legalisation. In fact, the South Australian Police are actually trialling eScooters as Police Vehicles! So, it does look good! 

During the trial period (and locations), the laws are fairly commonplace and obvious. The biggest difference to other states is the minimum riding age is 18-years old as opposed to 16-years old elsewhere in the country.

Are eScooters Legal In Western Australia?

Sure thing! With conditions, eScooters are legal in Western Australia. Like almost all states and territories that have said yes to the future, eScooters have to be limited to power outputs to be deemed legal, and riders must obey standard traffic laws such as keep left, wear an Australian Standards Approved helmet etc.

Some models may be confined for use on private property only so, to avoid disappointment, best to check the rules first before making the purchase.

Source: Government of Western Australia

Are eScooters Legal In Tasmania?

By the Summer of 2021, Tasmanians will be legally allowed to cruise down their favourite streets and avenues on their eScooters! As would seem to be standard across the board, the power restriction clause stands and you’ll likely be joined by e-skateboarders and one-wheeler riders as well!

Users should also only use these devices in the public areas if they can do so safely and responsibly

Source: Peter Gutwein – Tasmanian Premier

Are eScooters Legal In The ACT, or Northern Territory?

Our nation’s capital loves an eScooter! Riding eScooters in the ACT follows similar regulations to the rest of the country. The main ones being you must adhere to speed limits, wear an Australian Standards Approved helmet and have the appropriate lights and warnings when riding and coming to a stop.

E-scooters can be ridden in many areas, but users have to remember they are responsible for their own safety, and that of others.

Source: Australian Federal Police

It would seem, however, that despite a trial run in the City of Darwin in 2020, eScooters in the Northern Territory are still classed as Motorised Scooters and therefore need to be registered in order to ride them on public roads and areas.

At this time, eScooters in the Norther Territory are not legal.


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