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TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000 Electric Dirt Bike

TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000 Electric Dirt Bike

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Color: Blue

The TALARIA Sting electric dirt bike was born to bring cutting edge performance to all riders.

It features a CAD light weight frame design, a powerful electric motor delivering instant torque, transferred through an intelligent gear drive whilst operating with minimal noise.

The easy maneuverability and minimal maintenance required make it a practical choice for riders of varying skill levels and experience.

The TALARIA range of electric dirt bikes are a high-performance option for those looking to experience the excitement and adventure of off-road riding.

xXx TL2500 are off-road electric dirt-bikes and are
intended to be used on private property. It is not to be used
on public roads or road-related areas.

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