Do I need a license to ride an electric bike?
No you don’t need a license, however, electric bicycles must follow the same road rules as regular bicycles.

How fast can I go?
Max assist speed is 25km/h to keep our bikes in line with Australian road rules. This is a fast cruising speed that is easily achieved without working hard at all.

What about the gears and brakes?
The Nakto has a range of different brake designs including disc brakes, v-brakes and expansion brakes depending on the model. All of the Nakto range with gears are fitted with Shimano 6 speed gearing.

Where can I legally ride an electric bike?
An electric bike can be ridden anywhere a regular bicycle can be as long as the motor is no greater than 250w and power cuts out at 25km/h, all of the Nakto bikes we carry currently comply. Whether it’s on the road, bike paths or trails, electric bikes and regular bikes share the same road space, bike lanes or dedicated riding pathways.

How far can I go?
Our Collection of Nakto electric bikes can go up to 40km on a single charge!

Can I take one for a test ride?
We highly recommend test riding an electric bike as they are all different from one another. Come in store today and go on a solo or guided test ride.

How do I charge the battery?
Simply plug the charger into a normal 240v power outlet. The removable batteries can be left charging overnight and won’t burn out. Charging takes between 4-6 hours.

Is there a warranty?
All of our bicycles are sold with a full, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, including electrical components and batteries.

What material is the bike made of?
The Nakto electric bikes are made of either Aluminium Alloy or High-strength Carbon Steel Frame. The front fork is also made of High-strength Carbon Steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption.

Have more questions?
Feel free to contact Christian on 0417 484 112 or come in store: 40 Anderson Rd Smeaton Grange NSW, Australia 2567 (inside Ultimate Karting Sydney)


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