Electrifying The Camden Show

Last week more than 41,000 people turned out to support the Camden Show – still a country show!

Macarthur E-bikes took advantage of the numbers to show off the Nakto Electric Bike collection to the public. A competition was held, offering a free electric bike to whoever had the greatest social media influence, with a photo and a status update.

It seams the electric bike craze is taking off in a big way. The social media storm outdid the bad weather on Friday as some enthusiastic riders fought ruthlessly for the bike on offer. In the end the winner Billy Volo was announced! Congratulations Billy, we look forward to hearing how you’re liking the new bike shortly. Unlucky to the rest, but there may be more on offer in coming events for those who play by the rules ;).

Here’s a few posts from the Competition!

It’s was a Great few days for Macarthur E-Bikes, with the public test riding the range and feeling the unexpected thrill of the pedal assist mechanics.

Here’s what a few people had to say:

Therese: “That’s incredible! I can’t believe the power in that little battery. What a great upgrade from the regular bikes”.

Mike: “Far out that’s got some go in it. I think I’d be quicker to work on that then in my car!”

Overall the event was a great success, new friends were made and the community of Macarthur got to see their premier electric bike dealers in action, supporting their local show.

For more information about our next event, email us at info@macarthurebikes.com.au

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